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Nicholas Anthony Linke

Hello. ​I'm Nicholas Anthony Linke. 

I'm an author, designer, director, podcaster, researcher, educator, husband, and father.


My projects, collectively called Glassroom Hive, began with a children's books, Dharma & Eldon, written with my wife Kristina Linke and a YouTube Channel featuring our three children, Stink Finks.  

Anticipating the challenges they will face beyond childhood, I wanted to merge entertainment with education. This ambition influenced the fictional universe modernizing Greek mythology, The Moirae, and the real world essays (Hollow Heartland), videos (Hourglass Science), and podcasts (The Delta), about how education, science, and activism shape our lives.



  • linkedin: nicholas anthony linke


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A small collection of art, illustrations, and graphic designs collected over the years. Many are collaborations with my children to create something together from our own happy accidents.

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I believe that 

empowering the youth with the ambition 

to change the world they are inheriting, 

as well as equipping them with 

academic and social tools 

to accomplish those changes, 

is the true purpose of education.

Nicholas Anthony Linke

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