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About Us

The Real Reel

​Kristina is an educational ASL interpreter

and an advocate for social progress.

Nicholas is a professional development coordinator and author.

They live in the midwest raising their three kids.





Kristina loves to work with her hands, from working as an American Sign Language interpreter to painting and baking vegan goodies.


An avid environmentalist and mother of three, she hopes to inspire adults to leave behind something beautiful for our children to inherit.


As an advocate for the underdog, she dreams of providing both equal visual and auditory access to children's stories with her knowledge of sign language as well as her passion for reading to others.



Nicholas works in teacher professional development and education research with degrees in biology, philosophy, science education, curriculum and instruction.


His creative outlets include writing, illustrating,

and maintaining his Stink Finks YouTube channel of his three children. This focus echoes in their fictional stories including The Moirae

with books and videos.


He is also pursuing his Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction while he raises his three children with his ever-encouraging wife.

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