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a fictional universe


In high school, Nicholas worked with Joseph on many music projects with other friends under the name Modern Gods. Joseph and Nicholas reconnected at University, growing the project beyond songs by cultivating a fictional universe bearing the same name. 

Around the same time,
 Kristina and Nicholas also reconnected. They wove their shared love of mythology into his studies in biology and philosophy as THE MOIRAE became the core story of the Modern Gods Universe.

The Moirae is a series of short philosophical conversations between the Greek Fates woven into a battle between Modern Gods in a villainous pursuit of power to bend the destiny of the universe to their will.


A single burning question always drives the conversation within each volume into deep philosophical water while seamlessly weaving the greatest stories in Greek mythology with the sordid underbelly of modern society.

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“Behind the giraffe, you’ll find everything you want to know about yourself,” are his mother’s last words, but Nathan is far from ready to make sense of it. 

Malignant is a contemporary, new adult, dark humor novel of the four years of Nathan's downward spiral in college and scattered with fragments of his life after he finds what is behind the giraffe.


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Tangents is a collection of free short stories that tell the back ground and beyond of some of the reoccurring characters within the interwoven web of the Modern Gods Universe.

Observe and never interact. Pretend it is predetermined. Judge the cast from balcony seats in the clouds.

I guess at the dialogue. I make up the stage directions. I direct the movie holding a popcorn tub.


I flip through the stack of paper beside me. Like a play manuscript intended to rewrite history, I run my fingers across the title: Additional Required Readings.


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